Under a Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon


As we get closer to September, I see the days are growing shorter, and the landscape is changing fast. The cornfields look beautiful now in rows and fields of green. Wild blackberries are ripening on the vine and leaves are falling in shades of brown and yellow. It's that bittersweet time to say goodbye to summer.

This year I had purchased seeds at the local Art Knapp Garden Centre and planted short rows of arugula, kale, endive and romaine. It was fun to watch them grow and miraculously the neighbourhood snails left my humble little rows of lettuce alone. My salads weren’t bad at all this year.

But change is constant and those summer salad days are done. I went to purchase seeds to try some fall crops but I found Courtenay’s Art Knapp Home & Garden Centre had closed. I will miss this shop as it was one of my favourites.

The Comox Valley Exhibition was a fun way to end the summer. There was lots of events and entertainment to see including the West Coast Lumberjack Show which I thought was hilarious. I also enjoyed the Cowgirl Chaos Drill Team - an all girls horseback riding team sporting pink chaps! They performed on Sunday to an enthusiastic crowd. And a ginormous tomato was just one prized entry among the many interesting displays at the Home and Garden exhibit inside the curling rink.

I am looking forward to the harvest moon rise in early September (September 10th). Early fall is also great for sky watching - a time to enjoy the clear, starry nights before the rainy season starts. Night skies can be pretty spectacular here with the Comox Glacier as a backdrop. It makes me wonder where the best view of the night sky actually is… Mount Washington, Goose Spit, Seal or Kye Bay? I think the eagles may know best as they perch on the tallest trees and probably have the best views around.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the upcoming Harvest Moon!

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