Soups, Sweaters, and Hockey

Soup, Sweaters and Hockey….

It’s time to pull out the winter sweaters, hats, and mittens from storage…and while you’re at it those homemade soup recipes for the cold days ahead.

I have a binder where I collect all kinds of recipes. A few are written on napkins, others torn from newsprint, magazines and food labels. And some are even found in personal letters from friends or family. It’s kind of a mess but I have collected some pretty good recipes. So when my freezer is getting filled with soup - mostly chicken soup - I feel like I am ready for the winter.

Other things I may do around this time is wander into Courtenay’s Blue Toque Sports as I am usually in need of winter gear. Seems like there is always something to find at that local shop. These are just a few things I do to mark the start of the winter season.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed the thrill of the game at the Comox Valley Sports Centre Arena watching the Glacier Kings Junior Hockey Club. It’s been really entertaining as one recent game went into overtime with a 9 round shoot out. Another had spectators on the edge of their seats as the Glacier Kings won the game 7 to 3. It was a fun way to spend an evening.

Early memories of hockey include Hockey Night in Canada playing on our television set in the family room on Saturday nights. The sports announcer would belt out hockey commentary in real time while supper cooked on the stove and delicious smells drifted in from the kitchen. It’s a memory that’s as comforting as a bowl of homemade chicken soup.

As holidays are just around the corner, I have just finished two new holiday cards which are now available for purchase online and at local shops. I hope you enjoy them. Happy wintering up!

Thanks for reading!


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